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Having provided ongoing survey support on several successful projects, we were requested by Paultons Park to assist with “Project Bravo”, the code name for their new themed world.

The scope of the project was to update and extend our original surveys around the relevant areas and then to provide surveying support for a variety of tasks across the lifetime of the project.

drawing showing topographical detail of a car park and footpath area

Utility Survey
In order to mitigate against any risk of accidental strikes or safety issues when dealing with unknown services, a full survey of the proposed development area was completed to identify and/or confirm all underground services.

Control Network
Prior to the commencement of the construction works, we implemented a control network around the site using fixed nails and retro targets.

This would ensure that all subsequent survey work across the lifetime of the build would be completed using a robust, consistent approach. This gave the client the reassurance that, for such a critical build, the fundamentals of the construction process would be reliable, and that each element of the project could be delivered with consistency.

drawing showing a partially woodland area and some building's of a topographical survey

As Built
Once the concrete bases had been poured and bolts set, we were required to produce an as built of all the bolt positions and base heights.

This provided the ride manufacturer with the confidence that the factory constructing the ride could complete their work accurately and that the task of installation would be smooth.

On Going
In addition to the above works, we have been tasked setting out additional rides and play areas to complete the new themed world and as well as completing utility “as laid” surveys once construction work has finished.

We will also be providing the client with an updated site plan giving accurate as built details of all elements of the new world both above and below ground.

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