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Having undertaken successful surveys for the NHS previously, albeit on a smaller scale, Encompass Surveys decided to bid for a larger project based on an increase in expertise with 3D laser scanning.

Due to the size of the project, it would be awarded based on a tender submission formed of several stages and concluded with a final interview with the client. Following award, but prior to work commencing, a number of meetings were held to address issues around health and safety, staff liaison and access to ensure all operatives were fully compliant with the appropriate procedures due to the sensitive nature of the site and it’s public interface.

Scope of works
The project required a complete survey of the entire 15 acre hospital site to generate a map capturing all above and below ground features. This was particularly challenging due to the congested nature of a large site and ensuring that all necessary elements were accurately acquired. The project encompassed the following surveys.

3D Topographical Survey
Utility Survey
External Laser Scanning of all buildings utilising Leica RTC360 and P40 scanners

The 3D topographical and utility surveys gave a highly accurate map ensuring all features are precisely located. The point cloud generated by the 3D laser scanning captured detail to a level standard surveying techniques cannot achieve and, utilising the point cloud, a 3D model of the site was created.

All of the works were successfully completed within the set timescales and the restrictions in place on a site of this sensitivity.

All of the data collected would act as a base map for all future proposed alterations and layout changes. The point cloud provides a ‘live’ snap shot of the site in its current configuration and will be used as a basis for any preliminary design plans. The 3D model was to be used to identify individual building masses as well as give an indication of the mass of the whole site as part of their development progression plan.

Visulisation and Modelling - Encompass Surveys
Visulisation and Modelling - Encompass Surveys

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